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  • Ice Beast 2.0


  • Rebel Black-Out

    Summer 2021

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    Summer 2021

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Trust in T1TAN goalie gloves
Goalkeeper glove experts

25 years of experience in goalkeeping as well as our own research and development team helped us produce the best goalkeeper gloves.

Exclusive goalkeeper gloves

T1TAN goalkeeper gloves were developed specifically to meet the demands of professional goalkeepers. You can only order T1TAN products directly through us.

Make your very own pro model

You can have us print your name on all goalkeeper gloves from us. Go for it and make each model one of a kind!

Convenient returns

T1TAN goalkeeper gloves are the best ones in the world. If it turns out that you don’t like your goalkeeper gloves or they don’t fit you, you can return to us within two weeks.