It all began with a dream

Every goalkeeper should start the game wearing T1TAN gloves.


Our vision

Professional equipment for amateur keepers.
And with that we want to become the number one in Europe.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1TAN

So our story took its course

Matthias has been playing goal for over 25 years. And like most of you, as a goalkeeper he has had to pay for his own goalkeeper gloves for a long time.

He usually only had the choice between two alternatives:

  1. over-priced goalkeeper gloves from established brands, with features that he didn’t even need
  2. or cheap gloves that are an insult to any serious goalkeeper.

His dream was to solve this problem for good. And so the idea was born:

High-end goalkeeper gloves at an unbeatable price

Getting started with Manuel

When Matthias got to know Manuel while studying Business Management and told him about the dilemma, the decision was made quickly.

You need to found your own brand to break the rules of the market.

Because that was the only way to decide what a goalkeeper glove should look like and how much it should cost.

Unsere Story

2017 – The year that changed everything

René Adler came on board

One day, René Adler was looking at his newsfeed on Facebook and saw the advert for T1TAN. Not long later our phone rung and René invited us to come see him in Hamburg. We couldn’t believe it at first.

But it soon became clear that we were on the same wavelength!

And just like that one of the best keepers of our time not only became a sponsoring partner – a professional goalkeeper also became part of our company.

A collaboration like this is unique in the world of professional football.

The goalkeeper glove experts

25 years of experience in goalkeeping as well as our own research and development team helped us produce the best goalkeeper gloves.

Exclusive goalkeeper gloves

T1TAN goalkeeper gloves were developed specifically to meet the demands of professional goalkeepers. You can only order T1TAN products directly through us.

Make your very own pro model

You can have us print your own name on all goalkeeper gloves from us. Go for it and make each model one of a kind!

Convenient returns

As far as we’re concerned, T1TAN goalkeeper gloves are the best ones in the world. If it turns out that you don’t like your goalkeeper gloves or they don’t fit you, you can return to us within two weeks in compliance with our policies.